Colors & Sizes


    We all are very different, and so are our feet. That's why we highly recommend to measure baby's feet before placing your order. The best way to do it, is to follow these simple steps.
  1. First, find an appropriate room that has a hard flat surface and then stand your little one onto a piece of paper. Make sure that their feet are as flat as possible and not arched. If the baby is too young for standing, place a piece of paper onto a book or other hard and flat item and lean it to the foot.
  2. Then, mark next to their heel and big toe. Try to hold the pen at a 90 degrees angle to the paper.
  3. Take a note of this measurement in centimetres, to the nearest millimetre and add 0.5-1 cm for some wiggle room.

Our standard shoe sizes:

Size 0-3 months - inner sole 9,5 cm
Size 3-6 months - inner sole 10,5 cm
Size 6-9 months - inner sole 11,5 cm
Size 9-12 months - inner sole 12,5 cm
Size 12-18 months- inner sole 13,5 cm

How to choose shoe colors?

We have a great variety of colors and textures available in our shop and they are continuously renewed. Such nice colors like marsala, rosewood, rose gold, red suede, olive, sky blue and some others are now available for orders. Please have a look at some of the colors that work nicely for shoes:color-palette

New colors:

Shiny and suede textures are the top sellers. Please see their list below:

shiny and suede palette

You are invited to mix and match available colors as you please. We are also open for custom orders if you require a little extra something.

Hair bows

You can pick any color from the above lists for your hair bows or make a request about other colors as we always have many leather cuts and leftovers. Hair bows are available on soft nylon elastic in peach, wide elastic in a variety of colors to match the bows, on snap or alligator clips, and on hair ties - small or large depending on your preference.

Magic wands and crowns

Wands and crowns can be make from both real leather and glittery fabrics. I recommend to pick two colors for crowns as they are reversible and equally beautiful from each side. Here's a new list of glittery fabrics apart from those seen on pictures:
1 - wine
2 - marsala
3 - purple
4 - silver
5 - dusty blue
6 - white
7 - golden

glittery fabrics